Seventh Grade

Students will develop knowledge for the basic fundamentals that will guide them through music theory. Students will grasp basic understanding on how to perform sight singing, recite rhythms and sing in harmony. They will be able to create a better understanding of music of different cultures through analysis and performance.




Music Practice Websites:


PRINT Blank Sheet Music:



MUSIC Syllabus 6-8 2015-2016


This 9 Weeks we are learning about:

3rd Grading Period:

-Music in World Cultures Projects




42 thoughts on “7th

  1. i liked how we learned different things about the culture we had to do. it was really interesting and fun do.

  2. Don’t you love when you remember that old song, but you just remember the title?
    Here it is!

    The second one is a REALLY cool remix!

  3. The country I chose to do for my music project is South Korea, which has some very interesting music!

    This is a cover of an Beetles song! Enjoy!

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