Sixth Grade

Students will develop knowledge for the basic fundamentals that will guide them through music theory. Students will grasp basic understanding on how to perform sight singing, recite rhythms and sing in harmony. They will be able to create a better understanding of music of different cultures through analysis and performance.

Music Practice Websites:


PRINT Blank Sheet Music:



MUSIC Syllabus 6-8 2015-2016


This 9 Week Period we are learning about:

Instrument families


45 thoughts on “6th

  1. It’s a great improvement and it is such a great up to date reminders. Thanks and hope you keep up the good work. Love, Ashley.

  2. The String instruments are all powered by the strenght in the wrist flowing thru the your hand, to the bow, and to the isnstrument. Especially when your playing a handheld instrument. Keep up the video posting. Love, Ashley.

  3. JABBO ULTIMATUM is a pretty good game, its a game where you can use either the key board or the the web cam but i recomend useing the web cam because i have no idea how to play it with the key board.It’s on musicgames.co/ same website as knights of rock.

  4. I have posted a lot of videos.And i finaly found the song i was looking for i didnt know the name i just barley found it.It’s called SAVIN ME by NICKELBACK……NICKELBACK is one of MY FAVORATE BANDS! WOO HOO! PEACE DUDE’S.

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