4th & 5th

Fourth and Fifth Grades

The student will be able to describe and analyze musical sound and demonstrate musical artistry. The student reads and writes music notation. The student will learn how to respond to and evaluate music and musical performance. Students will gain understanding on how to play the recorder.






I have noticed that there are many students who are not bringing their recorder to class. If you have lost yours and need a new one you can purchase a recorder from The String and Horn Shop in Downtown Bryan. Please get one ASAP so that you can participate 100% in class! Remember it is DPS if you do not bring your materials to class…this includes the recorder and music book!

Music Practice Websites:



Music interactive Sites:




Belt Tests:

In music class, we use a reward system similar to karate belts. We have belt test to earn a colored ribbon on a students recorder. The student needs to play the following songs correctly to earn the appropriate belt. Shown below are the songs we have already covered.

Recorder Belt Tests: (Taken from textbook: Be a Recorder Star)

Given in order:

¯  White: Demonstrate proper posture and handling, as well as name the parts of the instrument.
¯  Yellow: Hot Cross Buns
¯  Orange: Au Claire de la Lune
¯  Green: March of the Recorders
¯  Blue: Go Tell Aunt Rhody
¯  Purple: Miss Macie
¯  Red: Recorder Tootin’ Old MacDonald
¯  Brown: When the Saints Go Marching In
¯  Black: Theme from the New World Symphony
¯  Gold: American Pioneer Song


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