The HSA Annual Winter Program: Thursday, December 17th

Harmony’s K- 8 students are performing in a winter program and they are ready to share the holiday spirit with you!

There will be TWO concerts on Thursday, December 17th.

  • Students in Kinder through 3rd grade­ will perform at 5:00 pm. Students will need to be in their assigned areas of the gym at 4:30pm.
  • Students in the 4th through 8th grades will perform at 6:30 pm. Students will need to be in their assigned areas of the gym at 6:00pm.

The performers will be seated on each side of the gym; their rows will be labeled. The program will go in grade level order and there will be an opening song and finale. Your child MUST stay for the entire program.



All students are asked to wear nice and festive attire. This could be classified as their Sunday best. Dresses need to have sleeves. No sleeveless attire. Students may also wear slacks and dress shirts. Please do not wear jeans.


Practice at home!

If you are able, please practice the songs with your child. Their music can be found on the music website: The students only have music once a week, so please practice at home. It will be very helpful!


If you have any questions, would like to help out, or your child will not be participating, please e-mail me:

Thank you!

Mrs. Brooks

K-8 Music Teacher


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